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June. 6, 2020

President, Map Creator
VRChat Kmart Corporation

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VRChat Kmart Corporation

Will participate in LaserDome VRChat event.

METAVERSE, VRC. -- VRChat Kmart Corporation today announced it's formation of "TEAM KMART," a group of 5 store associates that will be participating in the LaserDome VRChat event. The event will take place on June 13th, 2020 and include several other competing teams.

The associates on TEAM KMART are: Ace_Verco, Sindsro, frosty, Leftforthedizzle, and DragonBear246. They will be coahed throughout the week by our Advertising co-manager Howl. They will be tought tactics similar to a SWAT unit on stealth and teamwork.

TEAM KMART will be utilizing modified associate avatars to fit in with the event guidelines while still sporting the VRChat Kmart branding. The avatars must be a generalized height as to work with Udon colliders on the map.

When asked why Ericirno chose this event, his comment was "The LaserDome event seemed like a great way to get our sales associates excited and on their toes and show the VRChat community what we stand for; fast, friendly service. ;)."

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