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June 20, 2020

President, Map Creator
VRChat Kmart Corporation


Howl of marketing becomes emergency Assistant Manager.

METAVERSE, VRC., June 20, 2020 -- In support of Ericirno's mental wellbeing, VRChat Kmart Corp. has approved him for a brief Leave of Absensce to consolidate his thoughts and recover.

While Ericirno will remain with the company, his Leave of Absence will be for an undetermined amount of time.

Howl of the VRChat Kmart Corp. Marketing Dept. has been deemed as emergency Assistant Manager by Ericirno to maintain the Discord server. Other staff have volunteered to step in and help where necessary to fill Ericirno's gap.

In a quote from Ericirno: "I will return, someday. I just need a bit of a break. Running [VRChat Kmart Corp.] really is taxing coordinating all the commercials, panning events, and developing the map, it just gets to you. As well as some other stuff behind the scenes, I've opted to opt out for now."

Any questions from the public or associates should be directed to either VRChat Kmart's Human Resources Dept. or with the VRChat Kmart Security team.

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