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October 21, 2020

President, Map Creator
VRChat Kmart Corp.


METAVERSE, VRC., Oct. 21, 2020 -- VRChat Kmart celebrated One Year of Savings with it's associates, shoppers, and the VRChat community with a storewide "Call box scavenger hunt," attempted karaoke session, and announcements about VRChat Kmart's future.

October 21st marked one year of the VRChat Kmart's main store location's grand opening. It was on that day that VRChat Kmart debuted onto the Community Labs as a test world to see if I could get a Unity world working. The history of the store up until today can be found here.

The event started at 8 PM EST going live on my Twitch and in-game. The crowd started off with over 30 attendees, eventually reaching an attendance of 50 people. After I gave a brief speech Associates and shoppers alike took part in the "call box scavenger hunt." I would select an associate page "call box" in the store and who ever pressed the "call box" first - causing a succesful page - won. The winners of the scavenger hunt were: Yes, Fupe_Archion, Jacob94, and CuddleBunny.

Winners of the VRCBS / VRChat Kmart Get Ready Giveaway; Second Chance Sweepstakes were announced and can be found here. Afterwards we moved to a karaoke world (which did not work) so we moved back to VRChat Kmart main store and after a brief photo shoot with our Associate mikos the night ended with stories from my real world Kmart experiences from prior holidays.

VRChat Kmart One Year Anniversary Mikos

In a quote from Ericirno: "I never expected after a year to have a Discord server with over 600 people supporting a store that is almost dead in the real world. These people, my associates, my friends, help me keep driving to make this place seem like Kmart isn't going anywhere. VRChat Kmart is more than just a store. It's an experience, it's a community, it's nostalgia and memories that will never fade. I won't stop because you all keep me going."

We'd like to thank the L.A.B. Unit PMC for the extra security during this event, as well as our VRChat Kmart Loss Prevention / Security team for keeping our associates and shoppers safe,

VRChat Kmart Corporation serves VRChat with 3 Kmart retail outlets. In addition to serving all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam, Kmart operations extend around the globe through the power of the internet.

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